Petrus Christus: Portrait of a Young Girl (after 1460)

(Niku had some sort of soccer accessory on.)

"I’m beautiful in my way, cuz god makes no mistakes I’m on the right track baby I was Born This way !" - jackanthfern

do YOU believe in capital H-I-M ?

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Oh wait I reads that post wromg

we all make mistakes =]

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i agree with U BUT i think darienne should have left last night. snoozefest lake.

yeah im getting tired of her all she does now is shade dela and dela doesn’t even seem to care its really sad lol . i feel like she doesn’t have a lot of variety on the runway either half of her outfits are just sparkles dresses that go halfway down her thighs . i’d still rather see joslyn go first though

at least adore is still in it when she wins i can marry danny =]

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i know trinity wasn’t the best at challenges but neither was joslyn and trinity’s looks were so much better overall she looked unbelievable last night , but her interview was very bad so its tough .

trinity should not have gone home before joslyn 

I’m going to literally cry if adore goes home